GX7 owners contribute tips for camera setup

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Re: GX7 owners contribute tips for camera setup

Recent GX7 user here. My assignments are:

Fn2 - Metering mode
Fn3 - Silent mode

C1 - My usual Aperture Priority mode
C2 - Disables focus on half press shutter. Sets Focus to pinpoint, centre and AF button to set it.
C3(1) - HD mode
C3(2) - Panorama mode

I don't often use the soft Fn buttons but I have:

Fn5 - Wireless
Fn6 - Curves
Fn7 - Shutter preview
Fn8 - Grid Lines
Fn9 - Histogram

With regard to pinpoint focus mode, there seems to be a bug whereby the point often appears bottom right so I specifically set it to the centre before assigning my C2 mode, this seems to work consistently, plus of course I can re-position it with finger touch.

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