My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: More misty eyed views of the past

No, the physics of the reflex changed. I'll speak up for you: THE LIGHT GETS SPLIT OFF TO THE AF SENSORS. Yes, that little half-mirror thing. Less light through the prism means the viewfinders aren't just less bright, but also have a smaller size to allow for the loss.

If you can detect this small difference I would have to regard you as having exceptional abilities or, more likely, your confirmation bias is kicking in and you're seeing what you want to see.

It's clear that no matter what anyone says you're going to cling to your silliness, but you and the other Luddites can cling together and without a camera, because no-one is going to make what you want.

I've said this before - if you lot think this is economically viable then build it and try selling it. You'll loose your shirt and you won;t have to worry about buying any cameras.

At the risk of offending your Luddite heart, get a MILC. No light loss and the viewfinders are bright and clear. Magnified views and focus peaking to aid focus on many models.

Or get one of the many viewfinder like attachments that fit over the LCD - Nice big viewfinders as bright as the screen ( brighter, in fact as it's projected over a smaller area ).

I'm sure you'll reject all of these as somehow or other inferior to a "proper" viewfinder, but it's something that works for an awful o lot of people who apparently lack your high standards or something.

Twentieth century - dead. Move on.

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