sold my ff gear..what next ?

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Re: sold my ff gear..what next ?

Tommot1965 wrote:

well I did it..Ive sold off all my ff gear..all my F2.8 glass and flashes.

Im now camera vacant..ive not as much time to do "photography" as I once did..i've house renos and a new one to build on a vacant block next I also bought a bowrider to have some summer fun in.

I would still like a good camera...but must be light and easy to walk about with but also have good image quality ..I've looked at the EM1 and XT1

if you were in my position..what camera would you buy..out of the many out there...not just the EM1 or Xt1

You are spoiled for choice. I have always had a Nikon DX system but I also use compact cameras. I use the DX for photography days otherwise I carry a small compact Fuji or Canon at all times. The Fuji F900 has DSLR like DR and a 25-500 zoom and Canon S120 has good enough IQ in a tiny package. Use cameras like these as everyday walkabouts while you are going about your day and whole new areas of photography present themselves from documenting work, to recording information, to impromptu videos of things that happen and so on. All the while keep a decent camera system at home for more serious and deliberate photography, if not a D610 then perhaps a Fuji or Sony system or even an X100 the coolest camera on the planet. The new Canon G1X compact looks damn interesting as well, big sensor, great zoom, decent aperture, add on EVF and a tiny package, whats not to like?

The thing about everyday compacts is that they are so cheap they are almost disposable and you can easily own a couple of them such as the Canon S120 and Fuji F900 and take the one that suites the day best. F900 for bright sunny conditions or where there will be long zooming such as on a jog or walk looking for birds or planes or the moon, for the daily grind of documenting and recording stuff, use the S120.

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