Nikon is not afraid of the 645 Z

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Re: Nikon is not afraid of the 645 Z

baldeagle21b wrote:

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turbsy wrote:

Holger Bargen wrote:

The 645 Z is a camera for professionals


Is Nikon still a brand for professionals?

The link indicates: No.

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Trust me more professionals shoot Nikon then Pentax.

That ist correct. But we have seen here on the forum, that the quality of a medium Format camera is another Dimension that FF. It is even more ture than for the the APS-C versus FF discussion. Professionals should know this.

Medium format is another world and many professionals prefer this or have at least an equipment they use if they need high end.

Nikon never had a camera in this world. Pentax is here within a league of Hasselblad and PhaseOne. And this has been so since many decades.

I can't understand why Nikon starts to notice it, now.

The advertisement as well as the words of Nikon indicate a dimension of stupidity that I nearly can't believe that they are official words from Nikon.

The only reason why Nikon could be arrogantly, could be a medium format camera from Nikon which is miles in front of the new Pentax 645Z - but to be honest - I do not expect something like this - they would have to offer a complete series of medium format lenses, too.

In the end the advertisement form Nikon sounds like whistling in the dark.

This would only make sense if we have to expect an extraordinary strong and innovative Pentax 645Z.

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See the OP's first post. "The Onion" is a news parody website, and "New Camera News" is likewise a photographic news parody website. The Nikon ad is a parody of the Pentax countdown, produced by New Camera News, and no one at Nikon had nothing to do with it.

That makes sense. Did not know the Website where it was published.

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