Does Fujifilm pace their lens releases to to make us buy them all?

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Re: Yes n/t

Does yes mean "yes, it's just you" or "yes, it's Fuji's lens strategy"?

To OP's question -- I had that same conspiracy theory too, but it's prob. not the case. Fuji built this line from scratch so there are "early" lenses, and then "later" lenses. They have to start somewhere. Since all of them are good, "late" adopters like us will have a hard time choosing.

I wasn't too happy that the WR lenses are not available at the same time X-T1 was pushed to the market (like the perfect match of 12-40mm and E-M1), but I think it's just timing (too naive?). Honestly, looking at the specs I am not sure if I'd have preferred the larger/heavier WR lenses over the more compact 18-55 even if they were made available at the same time.

Talking about the overabundance of choices, I think the M43 system is way more confusing (when I was thinking about buying a macro, I vacillated between the Oly 60mm and Pana 45mm for the longest time and still couldn't pull the trigger).

Now I am done looking for the next best thing. I enjoy what I have and try to focus more on images than lenses.

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