Does Fujifilm pace their lens releases to to make us buy them all?

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Re: Does Fujifilm pace their lens releases to to make us buy them all?

They are all different lenses with different functions and with the x mount being a new system they have to have a roadmap (and from memory you would have seen the 10-24 would be available when you bought the 14) as they are not going to have the capability to launch with the full set all at once.

The 60 is a macro the 56 is not so if the 56 came first some may then have wished they had waited for the 60 but those are the only 2 lenses in the line up that cross in terms of functionality.

The 14 is a prime and all systems have 1 or 2 wide primes and a wide zoom. You prefer a wide zoom but a lot of people prefer a wide prime so they have to cater for both.

The 16-50 is a 'kit' variable aperture lens, cheapish and light, the 16-55 is going to be considerably mire expensive and larger. Again there is nothing unusual about a system having lenses of similar FL's but different apertures, build and pricing.

Which ever order they release the lenses in some people may prefer the newly released one but as stated above there is very little true crossover in the range and you can always consult the roadmap.
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