Which kit lens for olympus om-d em-5?

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Re: Which kit lens for olympus om-d em-5?

Stevedore87 wrote:


I posted this elsewhere, but was recommended I post here under micro four thirds forum!

I will soon be purchasing an Olympus Om-D Em-5 and have the choice of a twin lens kit (MFT 14-42mm II R + MFT 40-150mm R Lens) or single (12-50mm) for approximately the same price.

Hi, Steve. I've owned all three of these lenses for my EM-5, and my reco would be the 14-42 II R + the 40-150. I've never really liked my copy of the 12-50 (though I still have it since it fills the "sealed lens" niche in my collection). The 14-42 II R is much more compact and would therefore be my walk around choice, while the 40-150 is a very good long zoom.  The one trade-off on the 14-42 II R is that it is a retractable lens, so not quite so quick to use for street shooting etc. unless you leave it extended.

I have quite a few m4/3rds lenses, and couple EPL1 bodies as backups. Here is how I have my copies of your kit lenses distributed today - Sold the 40-150 and bought the 14-150 instead, fit my walk around style better when I needed long zoom, though the quality of the 14-150 is not quite as high as the 40-150. Keep the 14-42 II R on one of my EPL1's that I keep out at our lake house, great for quick shots under range of circumstances. Have the 12-50 stored with my other specialty lenses (150-300, 9-18, primes). Keep the 14-150 on much of the time. Other times the 19mm Sigma prime for it's faster f2.8 speed.

In terms of lens envy, I agree with other posters: The Oly 12-40mm f2.8 would be my top choice, followed by the Pany 12-30 compact as it's so small. Might also consider the 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ as a compact zoom, would have to compare it more closely to the Pany.  You can always sell off your kit lenses and get better glass.

I will be travelling through Asia this year and am unsure as to what is the best option for me. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

One thing to consider is rain. If you expect to be out shooting in it much, then perhaps the 12-50 is the better choice.

I am particularly interested in scenery shots. I will look to get a zoom lens when I return however as I'd love to take shots of my soccer team.

If you opt for the 40-150 in your kit, you have a nice long zoom with which to start.



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