Would the Pacific Image PrimeFilm XE (Reflecta ProScan 10T) solve my problem?

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Would the Pacific Image PrimeFilm XE (Reflecta ProScan 10T) solve my problem?


currently I have the Epson V500. It's a great film negative scanner...except for one big problem.

It's focus is at or below the glass. Most of the Epson flatbeds that scan negatives focuses slightly off from where the negative lies in relation to the film holder, and for the grand majority of them all you would need to do is shim the film holder up a tiny bit. Mine is the opposite. The focus is best when I lay the negative flat on the glass without the holder. This of course is inconvenient. Even still, if I 'scan' the negative with my camera, I get much better focus, leading me to think the focus lies below the glass plane.

Now my question is, does any one know if and how much better the scans are from the PrimeFilm XE is in relation to the V500 (or other Epsons)? As far as I can tell, there is no dedicated film scanner with autofocus within my budget of around $300 unless I look for used on eBay. What does everyone think about the XE (10T)? Any advice would be helpful. And no, scanning with my camera is something I rather not do because of all the hassle pre and post  (and it takes up space that my better half would rather not have me take up and or makes a mess).

I do understand that the focus is also fixed on the XE, but I'm hoping that unlike the Epsons, the focus would be correct (or close enough).

So far, I don't see any real reviews on it, other than some various forum chats.

Thank you.

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