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Re: More misty eyed views of the past

darklamp wrote:

I could also purchase a 3rd party split screen for my dSLR but the viewfinder will still be darker and smaller and harder to focus than anything I owned pre-AF, so it will still be a step-backwards

This is another of those rose colored glasses things.

Well, if you'd looked through a manual focus SLR viewfinder you'd know it's not tinted at all

Get a modern full frame DSLR with a pentaprism and a a split focus screen ( eBay $20 ? ) and just exactly how is it less light than a typical SLR in film days ?

I put your assumptions against realiity: Personally, I noticed the difference because I use both AF and 'typical' film SLR. I noticed the difference clearly.

So - picture me NOT wearing rose tinted glasses but camera binoculars (anyone who doubts me please try this at home, or your local store)....

Take your dSLR and hold the eyepiece to one eye, then take any old manual focus SLR and hold it to the other eye. Now, tell me you don't see the difference.

I just checked and DPR's feature search reports a whole bunch of full frame DSLRs with 100% viewfinder coverage and pentaprisms.

100% is nothing to do with apparent magnification.

It's simply not possible to make a full frame viewfinder brighter than that.

Grrrr! If you'd read my previous posts properly you'd see that it is possible and I've explained why. With due respect, please stop posting the same argument without having read the counter-argument as it defeats the point of the debate.

And a split screen is a split screen. A split screen from film days isn't going to be miraculously easier to use that one modern days. If anything it should be better now - coatings and optical processes and glasses have developed. It's hard to see how they could become worse.

So did the physics of light change since film days ?

No, the physics of the reflex changed. I'll speak up for you: THE LIGHT GETS SPLIT OFF TO THE AF SENSORS. Yes, that little half-mirror thing. Less light through the prism means the viewfinders aren't just less bright, but also have a smaller size to allow for the loss.

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