Switching from Starter camera (Sony A390) to Mirrorless A6000. Please Advise.

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Re: Switching from Starter camera (Sony A390) to Mirrorless A6000. Please Advise.

Winsdcar1001 wrote:

My A390 recently started acting up with SteadyShot becoming non-functional. Since it has terrible performance at anything higher than ISO 400, I have decided to get rid of it.

I'm really interested in the A6000 (almost ready to buy) but needed some advice on what to do with my Alpha Mount Lenses.

I'm selling my Kit lens along with the A390 but also own a 55-200mm and a 50mm F1.8 lens.

Now, both these lenses are far cheaper than their equivalents in E-mount. I wanted to know what features I can expect to keep if I decide to buy an adapter instead of re-buying these lenses with the new camera.

I've been eyeing this deal which will get me one of the 2 lenses.

My usage so far has been only stills. I'd like to have fast focusing at 16-50mm range at least and start taking amateur videos as well. What do I give up when using an e-mount adapter ?

What other advice could you give me on my decision? (the deal too maybe?) Also, how about just ditching everything and getting the A6000 with a 18-200mm super zoom? I know its pricey but not having to switch lenses sounds tempting.

Thank you for any advice.

That Deal... isn't that much of a deal. You should be able to get the 55-210 lens for ~$350, and the A6000 with the 16-50 for ~$800. Based on that price you're saving 8$.

You can get an LA-EA1 (Slow Autofocus on SAM/SSM only, No Screw drive, $165) or an LA-EA2 (faster autofocus although the Mirror causes some light loss, also supports screw AF drive, $350) Either way, the adapters don't give you any stabilization for your A mounts, on E mount all stabilization is lens based.

How often do you go out to 200mm? Reason I ask is $1250 or so would get you an A6000 body ($650) and a 18-105 F4 lens ($600)... That lens is a bit cheaper than the 18-200 ($850 or more depending on flavor,) in any case.

So, you've got plenty of options, but if you want SteadyShot, you'll have to replace the A Mount glass. Also keep that in mind when looking at other lenses, Some of the E primes (16 f2.8 and 20 f2.8 come to mind immediately) don't come with any stabilization.

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