Fuji XF lenses are full frame...

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Fuji XF lenses are full frame...

Or are they?

To find out, I took a pen and I drew a 24 x 36mm box. A full frame box. A full frame sensor.

Then I took an XF 35mm lens and held just if in front of the paper, to see the projected image circle.

Then I focused by adjusting the distance to the paper.

The focused image seemed to entirely fill the frame with no vignetting.

I don't know for sure. I would have to put a black cardboard around the lens to block the ambiant light and get a better view of the corners, but I am pretty sure the vignetting is minimal if existing at all.

How about that. What if we already own some full frame XF lenses... Brilliant strategy from Fuji.

Anyone want to test their own lenses and report?

Not sure about the XC lenses though... Maybe XF=Full frame and XC=Cropped frame?

Flat view
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