m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Re: m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

I have read with interests lots of posts here about the rules of the Lower Antelope Canyon.

My wife and I went there last year, joined the photographic tours. The prerequisite is tripods and DSLR. At least a couple must have one to be qualified. I witnessed a guy with big gear got turned away because he hasn't got tripod.

The reason is that shooting such amazing landscapes require timing and proper execution. The light beams through that particular opening, only that time of the day (that time of the year), and you need to be prepared by then. A few minutes later, there is nothing left to photograph as the beam is gone. The Navajos know exactly that. They control the crowd. Stopping non-photo tour guys from going through, and give the photo tour guys enough time to set up tripods, set the cameras etc. All professionally done.

Non- photo tours can use cell phone or whatever. They are supposed to take quick snapshots and walk away. It is probably good enough for some folks, but I don't think it is doing justice to this magnificent landscape.

I know these can be better organised, but this is their simple management rules that work for most, but not for everyone. Just need to know what you want, and what they want, and then we can all have a great time taking gorgeous landscape pictures. For us, this was definitely the highlight of our N America tour last year. I strongly recommended it to my son and daughter in law who will be shooting there early summer, with the right gear.

On a different but related subject, these canyons did not require tours some 20 years ago when all can walk in and out and shoot happily. Then, on a certain fateful day, some tourists went on their own, without listening to storm weather forecast of mountains in the upper stream.  All were drowned.

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