Nikon 105 for butterfly collection

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Re: Nikon APS-C for more DOF

Thanks again for your thoughts. The issue of required DOF is still to be resolved. There are now 3 possible approaches (vide earlier post today re Museum's approach); 1. very high quality specimen photography with a unique identifier number, 2. high quality specimen photography with actual data card/s next to specimen and in focus, or 3. lower "cataloging" quality photos of specimens with data card/s in focus plus some very high specimen photos.

While I personally prefer approach "1", the data entry requirements of the vital capture data make options "2" and "3" very attractive to the owners of the collection.

Based on what I learned yesterday, I now plan to contact the relevant Museums in SE Asia to determine if they had a digitizing / cataloging system that we should "plug" into.

Morals of this developing story... (1) its the photographer who is responsible for putting the smile on everyone's face and (2) the customer/s usually do not know what they really want but they do know when they are satisfied/happy/delighted afterwards!

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