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Re: Lessons Learned, advice appreciated

Thanks to both you and dzba for your comments.

Macro pictures are some of my favorite to look at, but there seems to be a lot that goes into making the really good ones. I've considered getting a real macro lens, but I think I'll stick to the simple stuff for now, use my 17-70 for the occasional macro-ish shot, and when I have a better grasp on the fundamentals, and am still interested, then maybe get one and go for some really cool shots.

As far as the processing goes, all I really did was drag the exposure slider until it looked about right (which was around +4) and let lighroom do the rest. I'm really impressed with what the program can do with RAW images, and at how (relatively) easy it is to use. Adobe has some really good instructional videos on their site that show you how it works, and all of the various things it can do for you.

I do try to learn from whatever I do, whether success or failure. I also have pretty think skin for criticism, which is why I always ask for it when I post pics. I'd rather have somebody tell me that my photography sucks, as long as they provide suggestions on how to improve it, than to think it is mediocre, but tell me it's good to avoid being 'mean', but leaving me worse off for it in the long run.

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