My dream full-frame camera.

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More misty eyed views of the past

I could also purchase a 3rd party split screen for my dSLR but the viewfinder will still be darker and smaller and harder to focus than anything I owned pre-AF, so it will still be a step-backwards

This is another of those rose colored glasses things.

Get a modern full frame DSLR with a pentaprism and a a split focus screen ( eBay $20 ? ) and just exactly how is it less light than a typical SLR in film days ?

I just checked and DPR's feature search reports a whole bunch of full frame DSLRs with 100% viewfinder coverage and pentaprisms. It's simply not possible to make a full frame viewfinder brighter than that.

And a split screen is a split screen. A split screen from film days isn't going to be miraculously easier to use that one modern days. If anything it should be better now - coatings and optical processes and glasses have developed. It's hard to see how they could become worse.

So did the physics of light change since film days ?

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