Working cable release and intervalometer on DP1 Merrill. I did it.

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Nicholas Johnson Regular Member • Posts: 387
Working cable release and intervalometer on DP1 Merrill. I did it.

Its been some months since I've been here. I've lurked recently but in general I've found that what really seems to drive me has been time lapse videos but with the spectral response of an infrared camera. The DP1m however has a 100 shot battery and a 100 shot intervalometer. I've fixed both of those. Behold, my monster.

Links for what I used are in the youtube video, but briefly I ripped the wheel off the top of the camera with a small screwdriver and a lot of force. The wheel will not work again. Then I used a fingernail to remove the plastic circle and metal cover of the shutter button in the center of my new hole. This leaves me with what looked like 2 large and one tiny contact. Not sure what to do, I explored with solder. Lots of solder.

End result, I soldered the whole three contacts inside the gray plastic (old physical shutter button), and when I grounded that out it took a photo. Luckily, the metal camera strap eyelet is grounded so no searching inside for a ground.

Run a wire (I tore apart a piece of CAT5) from that center contact pile to a Canon style N3 intervalometer in the correct pin holes. I used breadboard wires from my arduino kit until I can find a long term solution. The strap eyelet goes into the common/ground pin hole on the N3.

Power the camera with the SAC-5 Merrill AC Adaptor kit, using only the DC-11 battery-to-wire adaptor. Attach that to a USB to H size barrel wire. The StarTech one linked seems to work well.

Power the USB with the 12,000mah USB battery pack (Sigma battery is 1250mah) in the 2amp port and you're good. I'm not sure if my power button gives me problems or if I'll always have to try 5 times but starting up from the battery is harder than from the wall. The battery pack turns itself on and off so maybe thats it.

Anyway, all that mess works. Unlimited exposures with the intervalometer. 500 full size raw per card. Guessing 1000 images from the battery. 15 seconds minimum between exposures (based on write times, I would wait 20) and max of 10 minutes until the camera shuts off (with proper settings).

The wheel is broken. Manual aperture changes are impossible. Unless you set one (for instance shutter) by the L & R buttons, go to menu and change so L & R do aperture, then exit the menu and set aperture. Yes, its sooo slow, but I couldn't find a way to attach the wires without trashing the wheel. I have been able to scroll the wheel dragging a wire along the contacts that the wheel would rub but I'd rather just use the menu and seal the hole with silicone sealant.

I've been up for 30 hours; I'm getting dinner and going to sleep. By morning I want to see someone who did something as crazy as me to their camera. Pics or it didn't happen.

Sigma DP1 Merrill
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