My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: Film has nothing to do with it

Doss wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

robin t wrote:

So keep the LCD turned off. There will never, ever, be a digital camera produced w/o a screen.

Yes, there has been and there still are. eg Miniature 'spy' cameras don't have a screen as it keeps down size,weight and battery-drain.

If that's what you truly want, you'll need to produce it yourself or paint over it with permanent black paint.

That's like someone saying you must have a satellite dish on the side of your house when you only ever watch DVD's.

Someone that only watches DVDs only needs a stand-alone DVD player. There is never going to be a digital camera w/o an LCD.

Please read some of the previous replies to save repetition...your point has already been made as has the counter-argument.

Indicator in the viewfinder for light meter.
Manual shutter wind.

Not sure I understand this one. There's nothing to wind.

on film cameras the winder served to reset the shutter curtain as well as move on the film. Though I can't see a curtain reset using that much power.

Full manual controls, and works with legacy manual lenses.
Full frame sensor.

Sounds like what you really want is to go back to a film body. They're very cheap now, you should be able to pick up a top quality body for very little. I've no interest in the least, but would never begrudge someone else for using whatever they want.

Not sure of the last sentence being true, my friend :o

What you don't get is that by saying we should go back to film you don't understand your tool. If you had to go back to film which would you choose: a Canon EOS or an AE-1? Completely different 35mm film cameras - Just as we would like the choice of completely different 35mm digital cameras. Is that ok?

These days the sorts who opted for an F801, or EOS are catered for. We're the ones who opted for an AE-1, or OMD1, or F3. Why? Because we wanted control and reliability over automation and, what we perceive to be, weaknesses and things that simply get in the way of our photography.

Whatever. All I'm saying is that what the OP is wishing for is just not going to come to pass unless he pays a manufacturer to custom build it. Relatively speaking, there are very few people who want a digital camera without an LCD or with a manual winder. There are other ways to use fully manual lenses with adapters, but again it's not something an OEM is going to be interested in mass producing. DSLRs are already hurting. Manufacturers aren't going to produce special interest DSLRs when their mass-produced models are experiencing declining sales. It's a poor business model.


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