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Re: So why not go back to film?

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Doss wrote:

Whilst I don't doubt EOS are great cameras, they still lack the split-image non-darkened viewfinder and the ability to attach old manual lenses with an aperture ring (again, something I could control faster than using the 'new' design).

There was a Canon EF-mount camera that used a split image screen: the Canon EF-M. You can also use M42, Nikon F, Olympus OM, Contax/Yashica, Leica R, Pentax K, and some Topcon/Exacta lenses on EOS (and the EF-M) film bodies. Some lenses may have mirror clearance issues and K lenses need the aperture lever removed.

Well, yes. And I could also purchase a 3rd party split screen for my dSLR but the viewfinder will still be darker and smaller and harder to focus than anything I owned pre-AF, so it will still be a step-backwards in that department. It remains that the only way to have a big clear optical view (because the light-diversion to the AF sensors) is to have an MF only camera. Yep - if they could do it with film EOS then why not with dSLR?

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