Nikon is not afraid of the 645 Z

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Re: Nikon is not afraid of the 645 Z

viking79 wrote:

Petroglyph wrote:

If Ricoh would drop the price to around 4000$ and Convince Samyang to offer, say, a 28 f/2, 58 f/2, and 98 f/2.8 Macro that might get some attention. Now most realize the camera at 10000 and new 28mm (also very expensive), it is just too far out of reach for serious consideration. This is probably why Nikon wouldn't care.


If Ricoh would just hand me a $1000 check I would be happy too. I am sure Ricoh would lose at least that much selling 645Z cameras for $4000. Why would Ricoh have any interest in convincing Samyang to make lenses for them and lose any profit off their lenses?

It is only too far out of reach for some buyers, there are many (their market) that wouldn't think twice about spending $30k on a system, that is a deal next to some of the other medium format cameras.


I am always amused when "knowledgeable critics" offer their 2 cent, comparing apples to... lenses.

The latest Hasselblad system is offered at $47K and Phase one is in a similar ballpark (albeit at higher resolution). Leica S is $22K (body only) and lenses range between $7-10K. It only has 40M pixel sensor.

To tell the truth, I think it would be great if Leica would offer their camera at $4K, but as is, "it is just too far out of reach for serious consideration".

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