On the fence about going all out MFT? Don't be; check this out!

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eques wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

Alashi wrote:

Russian wedding photographer results using MFT

I think you may be heartened and encouraged by his results! I myself left Canon (2 FF cameras sold off to KEH and Adorama), and switched to Olympus. Couldn't be more enthusiastic about the choice and it's easy to predict that DSLR's will become the exception soon.

Even though the setups are pretty, there are too many frames with harsh looking and distracting backgrounds. Also the tonal curve leaves much to be desired.

Here is the FF version of it, I think also from somewhere around Russia,


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INspite of the fancy setups of the M43 photographer, your link clearly shows the superiority of FF. But it is only visible, if you have a direct comparison.

BTW I am afraid the Lithuanian photographer might not like the description "somewhere around Russia".


FF superiority? These wedding photographers are being paid and likely have an army of happy customers behind them. Do you think clients really care if these photos (MFT in particular are simply stunning) are captured with FF, MFT or APS-C camera ... trust me they don't. This show that any tool in the hands of truly gifted photographer can deliver amazing results. As a business owner, he probably figured out that he can make the same profit with much smaller investment ...

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