m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

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Re: m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

yonsarh wrote:

I am in the market choosing a GX7 or A6000. Other than difference between sensor size which camera produce better image quality ?

I have a GX7 and from Sony an A7.

I would expect the A6000 to have slightly better image quality but not enough to be a major reason to buy. (all recent cameras pretty much are very good).

Buying choice should (to me anyway) come down to the specs a camera has and how well it uses them.


The GX7 is a higher level camera with about 6 months older technology.

In favour of the GX7....

Tilting touch screen

Silent shutter mode

In body stabilization

nearly twice the res of the EVF (and it tilts)

horizon level in EVF (and LCD screen)

higher flash sync 1/320 vs 1/160

1/8000 max shutter speed vs 1/4000

Titanium body vs Composite (this one is subjective)

For video, built in LOSSLESS 2.6x teleconverter.

Autofocus works at a lower EV level (-4)

Small nice lenses take up little room.

In favour of the A6000.....

Slightly larger sensor (means slightly better IQ....all things being equal)

24mp vs 16mp

11 frames per second (with MUCH better focus tracking) vs 5 frames per second (not counting that the GX7 will do 40 fps at reduced size with focus and exposure fixed in electronic /silent shutter mode).

Neither has a mic jack for video but the A6000 can take one via the hotshoe.

A6000 video may well be better (from early assessments but yet to be seen).

A6000 focus peaking is likely to be better (A7 is MUCH better than the GX7 with manual focus lenses and I would think the A6000 should be too).

GX7 video limited to ISO 3200 maximum.....A6000 is not (I think).

Using the GX7.........

Silent shutter mode with touch screen autofocus and shutter in silent mode makes for a very nice stealth camera for street shooting and would be good for travel......silent/electronic shutter mode is not perfect....in some lighting it can have banding at some shutter speeds and panning will often result in severe rolling shutter for stills. Max ISO is 3200 in this mode also and a lot of things are turned off.

Focus peaking works ok with manual focus lenses but not always (and not anything like the Sony A7)....A6000 may well be better.

IBIS is ok ...works nice with the likes of a 200mm lens. Tilting EVF is wonderful for me and I am liking the touch screen AF AND shutter more and more (outdoors).

In camera panorama mode is nice with the GX7 (I prefer the A7s panorama mode and A6000 should be good) but both should be great).

2x lossy built in digital zoom is ok in a pinch (again as should be the Sonys).

It is silly that the GX7 does not have a Mic or headphones jack.... video controls in the GX7 are ok but a bit limited in some ways....not many audio settings....more wind cut filter choices though....Sony does auto ISO in video much better than Panasonic (at this level).....A6000 I would expect to be the same....maybe a A6000 owner can confirm. GX7 IBIS does not work in video mode.

Gx7 has much better video choices if MP4 is your choice over AVCHD.

I would highly recommend the GX7 as a general camera and for me, would be the better choice (I had mine before the A6000 was known but would likely have picked it on specs anyway).....if kids growing up is your thing or on price, the A6000 would be my choice.

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