Nikon SB800/900 real GN value ...

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Re: I have never measured the real GN value ...

olyflyer wrote:

elliotn wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

...but if I have time this weekend I might do it. I have the SB-900 and a light meter, so that's not an issue. When you measured the light, did you have the diffuser dome over the light sensor of your meter, or was it off to the side? I think that it must be off for this type of measurement, since all you want to know is the maximum light, so it must not be defused.

That's all wrong. The light meter's diffuser must be in place.

That depends... did you understand what we are discussing here?

I understand exactly what we're discussing, and I know how to use a light meter. - Stop digging!

(If you try to meter the flash output without the diffuser you'll get an f-stop way over what is reasonable (at 1 metre the Sekonic reads 'E.o' (over exposed), at 2m it reads f90).)

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