Another pointless comparison. Oly 75 vs Canon 85 FD + focal reducer

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Another pointless comparison. Oly 75 vs Canon 85 FD + focal reducer

So yesterday I walked into our local camera store (Campkins here in Cambridge). ALL I wanted to do was find out the current price of the Oly 75mm f1.8 BUT they had a second hand one! So £500 and 5 minutes later I walked out there the proud owner of a brilliant new lens. I've been saving for either a OM-D E-M1 or a GH4, safe to say this will probably not happen soon now.

Anyway. Whenever I get a new lens I wander over to the cemetery new where I work during my lunchtime. At the moment I only have a Panasonic GF5. Sticking the Oly on that body seems a bit ridiculous but it's all I have at the moment so..

I also took my Nex 6 with the Canon 85mm f1.2 L + Zhonghi focal reducer with me and thought it would be fun to see how the two stack up against each other. I was thinking maybe I can sell the lens to make up the gap in my budget(the Nex is already on Ebay). But now I'm not so sure.

The photos that follows are not great but I think it's safe to draw some conclusions, so allow me:

The Canon is 30+ years old so my expectations were quite low going into this. The colours are not great(this could be the camera too to some extent) but the colours are definitely a bit washed out. Contrast is not great either. It has this "glow" which I have observed with other older lenses. Not as bad as I've seen but it's definitely there.

The Canon at f1.8 -ish. It's probably different with the focal reducer. Anyway, the lens was set to f1.8

Olympus 75mm at f1.8

The background blur on the Canon is pretty awesome. The lettering on the black tombstone in the background looks a little busy in the Olympus shot but overall I'm quite pleased with this.



Pretty pointless photo above but again the colours are very different(I might have messed up the White balance?) f1.2 vs f1.8. Lost more grass in focus in the Oly shot.

So one thing that really surprised me is how sharp the Canon is. In the angel picture you can see (I can zoomed in all the way anyway) some spider silk strands clearly in both shots. I was not really expecting that. The Olympus is crazy sharp (did some portraits of my wife last night. I can see I will be spending a LOT of time fixing skin when using this lens), almost too sharp but the Canon is not far behind.

So to conclude. I am extremely happy with my new Oly. But I'm keeping the Canon. Might be looking at a GX7 or E-M10. Depending on what happens on ebay.

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