m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

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Re: m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

I specifically said that not even f/2.8 often works indoors without some kind of light assist.

Interesting since so many of us use F/2.8 lenses all the time without a flash or other type of asistance.  Check the Canon and Nikon Forums too.  The Canikon F/2.8 zooms are a lot more popular than F/4 zooms for this reason.

Since OP wants to use only older Nikon lenses, then I would recomend the camera with stabilization.  It will allow much slower shutter speeds, and it is a great advantage in many, many situations.

Canon 70-200/4 is VERY popular. Beercan (Minolta 70-210/4) is also a very popular lens among Sony shooters. A key reason is that it is fast enough for larger sensors, size/weight is manageable compared to 2.8 versions. In fact, Sony FE 70-200/4 OSS G would enable a smaller and lighter combination compared to what I consider to be a small, light and convenient choice: Minolta 200/2.8G. So, I would be trading 1-stop for zoom, likely faster AF, lighter weight and shorter combination.

May be these people you speak of shoot in indoor light conditions that is sufficient for 2.8 lenses. I generally do too (as I told you, my indoor lenses cover 50-200mm equiv at 1.4-2.8, including zoom). But, I also shoot indoors with f/4 zooms, preferably with light assist though. And what you think is impossible is something I thoroughly enjoy doing.

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