My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: So why not go back to film?

bobn2 wrote:

Doss wrote:

The desire to have the ability to manually focus is reflected in the recent implentation of mirrorless pixel peeping. On AF SLRs the viewfinder is 'crippled' - or perhaps I should say optimised - for AF (it's all about personal perspective). I'm not being a luddite here - I welcome improvements but autofocus over my ability to manually focus isn't one. As well as being quicker, other advantages to MF = no errors with foreground branches, or back-focusing or hunting.

You could just get a Canon, which still have interchangeable focussing screens. Come to think of it, present digital Canons still have a whole load in common with film Canons (at least the EOS ones) and those were successful simply because


people preferred them to the old style mechanical ones.

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Tru Bob, but I don't want an EOS - not even if it's EXACTLY a digital version of a film one. Indeed the design we don't like didn't happen with digtial - it happened with early EOS (actually Pentax was the first guilty party to put buttons instead of dials on a camera!)

Whilst I don't doubt EOS are great cameras, they still lack the split-image non-darkened viewfinder and the ability to attach old manual lenses with an aperture ring (again, something I could control faster than using the 'new' design).

I think the idea being proposed is a digital SLR styled on a 'slim with knobs' design SLR rather than a 'handgrip and button' design.

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