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Re: m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

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Adapting Legacy/FF Lenses: APSc wins unless...

...there is no stabilization in camera or you want small telephoto lenses.

I would say for M43 a 50mm lens becomes a perfect 100mm portrait lens.  Since the GX7 has IS you can shoot at 1/50th easily which is still fast enough for most uses (you can even shoot a 1/20th in many cases too).    My favorite legacy lens is my 58mm F/1.8 which I find perfect for getting intimate shots without getting too close to distract people.  I can't imagine having to be limited to a 1/100th shutter speed in doors.   I also love take pictures and movies of my children at their school events.  Short lenses don't work well and you NEED stabilization for video in these cases.

Some people are happy with only wide angle lenses, but I love telephotos and since Sony makes none (that are small and fast) and doesn't have IS to stabilize legacy lenses, it is not an option for me.

Everyone is different.

I have Sony A-mount camera with in-body stabilization, and a Sony E-mount body with Optical Stabilization. So I am well aware of both systems.

Sony loves to talk about the In Camera stabilization in thsoe Alpha systems.  Rumors are they are going to copy Olympus in their upcoming bodies.  So many owners find it very helpful.

Sony 70-200mm f/4 OSS G (105-300 equiv)

It is sad that the only option is a full frame lens for a small mirrorless system.  Even the Canikon guys lament that F/4 is not a good aperture to use indoors which is why there are so many F/2.8 zooms and even faster primes.  $1500 seems a little too expenisve too for such a very large lens with a smaller aperture.

From reading the press releases and the Sony site it looks like they are focusing on these larger full frame lenses until at least 2015.

If I were looking at a SMALL mirrorless sytem I would not look at one where all the new lenses are going to be the larger full frame versions.

An optically stabilized 20x zoom range at constant f/4. For primes, most would pick 35mm f/1.8 OSS (normal) and 50mm f/1.8 OSS (portrait).

75mm is kind of short for many portraits and unless you want to use a smaller aperture like F/4 you have no other stabilizated option (forcing high shutter speeds).  What about 100mm or the very traditional 135mm?  Even 180mm is used in many cases.  Too bad you have no options for those focal lengths with a wider aperture and much needed stabilization.

A variety of FL is used for portraiture, even wide (even you admit that). What you do need to learn is that a lot of people have found 50mm on APSc as a portrait option.

Of course it is an option especially if that is all you have.  You made my point that you are very limited since many claim 85mm to 135mm are the traditional focal lengths.  IS becomes very important too since 1/135th shutter speed is also very limiting for indoors.

I love having options available.

As for 70-200, that would be my pick for a tele on any E-mount body

The $1500 E-mount lens is bulkier than the Canon and Nikon Full Frame lenses.  I didn't buy into mirrorless to spend that much on lenses that size with smaller apertures.

For indoors, in ambient light, usually even f/2.8 is too slow.

We do agree that F/2.8 is better than those Sony F/4 options and does work well indoors in many situations.  As you know M43 has lenses like the 75mm F/1.8 which acts like a stabilized 150mm lens.  I have several F/1.4 lenses (and an F/1.2) too that are ALL stabilized.

Again, if you shoot video IS is a must have just like it is for stills with any lens over 60mm.

You seem desperate to be in agreement. We are not. I specifically said that not even f/2.8 often works indoors without some kind of light assist. You should know that when you claim having 1.4 lenses.

As for your idea about 85-135mm being ideal for portraiture, that is exactly the meaty part of a 70-200 zoom lens. I personally use any of 35/1.8, 50/1.4 (two), 50/1.7 (two), 55/1.4, 70/2.8, 135/2.8 (or 95/2 via Speed booster) lens for portraits, basically covering 50mm, 75mm, 85mm, 105mm, 140mm or 200mm equiv. Ample choices if you know how to work the tool.

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