My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: So why not go back to film?

darklamp wrote:

Yes, we want the equivalent of a manual film body with a modern sensor. Is that ok?

None of us understand why you can't just switch to "M" mode and manual focus mode on a "normal" camera.

Yes, I do - and mostly this works for me. My camera is set to use pretty much the same way as I did with my old film camera. And that's clever design. I switch to manual, dial in the shutter speed, dial in the aperture 'ring', ignore the meter reading, ignore all the other buttons. Job done....Except manual focus...

The desire to have the ability to manually focus is reflected in the recent implentation of mirrorless pixel peeping. On AF SLRs the viewfinder is 'crippled' - or perhaps I should say optimised - for AF (it's all about personal perspective). I'm not being a luddite here - I welcome improvements but autofocus over my ability to manually focus isn't one. As well as being quicker, other advantages to MF = no errors with foreground branches, or back-focusing or hunting.

It appears you also want NO automation at all on the thing, presumably is case you might weaken and peak at the screen. Which is just not going to happen ( unless you like DIY ).

I can shoot a roll of film without a dud exposure (well, one or two. I'm not quite perfect! ) - so I do not need an LCD. However, I find having an LCD screen great for reviewing, editing and correcting composition - So that would actually remain on my Dream SLR. Just not on OP's - we differ. That's fine. I don't feel the need to not understand him just because of that.

I understand wanting a more photographer-centric or more hand-on camera, but not the desire to expunge everything else from it.

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