D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: If you want it that soon..

Twinion wrote:

StillLearning wrote:

lock wrote:

..by now, we would know what kind of camera it would be. Besides, following your argument the southern half of our planet is half a year off the pace..so september would not be too bad.

Expect announcements for Photokina in Cologne, if it isn't just another hoax.


Correct. I wasn't thinking of those south of the equator. Would be interesting to know the number of nikon photographers by geographical location. I'd expect nikon's marketing department to have that info. Plus what locations get the new releases first. It all still boils down to how soon they can release a new model because money is still the bottom line.

That data isn't particularly handy, but the closest you can easily come by is their revenue by region on their yearly fact sheet. I pulled out the most recent data and made a quick chart.

I think it's hard to draw too many conclusions from this, especially since there's a huge amount of revenue "overseas" and in "other", but I think it's fair to say that their revenue is spread out globally far more than many companies.

Compare that spread to Canon:

Thank you that is informative.

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