Do I really need Raw

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Re: Do I really need Raw

Raw is the digital negative, ooc jpegs are the processed prints. If you are happy with your cameras rendering of jpegs, don't sweat too much about raw. I will suggest that if you do a lot of post processing, RAW will give you some advantages white balance adjusting, some highlight recovery, and a little bit of "future proofing" if someone comes up with new raw processing methods. Even if you decide not to shoot raw, tools like LightRoom offer up a nice way to organize, tag, edit your images if you have a large collection.

If you shoot jpeg and like to post process, I'd suggest shooting with a neutral tone curve. On Panasonic cameras, start with "natural"... turn down the contrast, sharpening and noise reduction. This will usually help prevent clipping in the shadows and highlights that can happen with more aggressive settings. The images will look flatter and have less pop out of the camera, but will have more leeway when editing.


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