Monitor Calibration question

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**Update** Monitor Calibration question

Some interesting links: *Update*

Practical guidelines and references for digital photographers

Everything you thought you wanted to know about Color Gamut and RGB Working Spaces
High resolution:
Low Res (YouTube):

Soft Proofing with Lightroom 4

Using Printer Profiles with Digital Labs

Why are my prints too dark?

DPI, PPI, printer resolution
"here's a simpler guideline for Epson printers; if your image's native size is less than 360PPI, set the resolution in LR to 360 for the output resolution, if the image's native size is above 360 but less than 720PPI, set the resolution to 720PPI in LR.
For Canon and HP the numbers are 300/600PPI..."

Beyond Adobe RGB

Monitor Luminance Sensitivity

Monitor sharpness test

Lighting Your Workspace

Display Calibration Hardware Capabilities

Spyder4 vs i1Display Pro

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