Some say, Pentax DX bodies are SO capable, they blow Nikon FX away...

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Re: Some say, Pentax DX bodies are SO capable, they blow Nikon FX away...

Yeah Pentax fanboys are pretty protective of the brand. But really it's only a handful of die-hard pentaxians that make those kinds of claims. You'll also notice those same guys are aps-c flagwavers/FF haters. There's plenty of those in all camps and I've found them to be the most rabid.

Pentax has a some things going for them-

The first that comes to mind is the 31mm, 43mm & 77mm FA ltd's. Those lenses are truly one of a kind, absolutely beautiful rendering little lenses. ( Lance B will attest to this).                                                       Unfortunately- still no digital FF body to mount them on (which is why I left, but still hopeful for a Pentax FF- for those 3 lenses).

The in-body stabilization is also awesome. Not as good as OIS, but being able to mount any K-mount lens(old or new) and have it instantly be stabilized is badass. Fact. If Nikon had it you'd sing it's praises. Especially with old manual lenses on the DF. That body should've had ibis...

Pentax bodies also have great ergonomics. The k7/k5 body is the best dslr body I've laid hands on. Compact, boxy and tough. (Not so much the K3).

With all that being said: no way is a Pentax aps-c "blowing away" a Nikon FX. Not happening. It might hang in a few areas (dynamic range, ws, egronomics) but it ain't blowing away the d600/d800/d4/df.                                                                           They might beat up on Nikon DX, but not FX.

(Now if Pentax actually does bring out a FF, along with new f1.4 lenses & fast ltd lenses, and step up their AF game... Well that's another story).

But really- who cares if one brand makes a camera that can best another in a certain areas? Or what someone says on a forum about your camera. Do your homework and get the best tool for you.

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