m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

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Re: m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Adapting Legacy/FF Lenses: APSc wins unless...

...there is no stabilization in camera or you want small telephoto lenses.

I would say for M43 a 50mm lens becomes a perfect 100mm portrait lens.  Since the GX7 has IS you can shoot at 1/50th easily which is still fast enough for most uses (you can even shoot a 1/20th in many cases too).    My favorite legacy lens is my 58mm F/1.8 which I find perfect for getting intimate shots without getting too close to distract people.  I can't imagine having to be limited to a 1/100th shutter speed in doors.   I also love take pictures and movies of my children at their school events.  Short lenses don't work well and you NEED stabilization for video in these cases.

Some people are happy with only wide angle lenses, but I love telephotos and since Sony makes none (that are small and fast) and doesn't have IS to stabilize legacy lenses, it is not an option for me.

Everyone is different.

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