D4X this Fall

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Re: D4X this Fall

I am not sure there will be a D4x when Canon folded their 1Ds and 1D lines into the 1Dx series. Nikon and Canon like to follow each other very closely.

Plus the market for a $8K+ high MP pro body is small to begin with and like you said the lenses are starting to fall behind the sensors.

Medium format prices are started to come down as well. The Pentax 645D is rumoured to get a refresh with the new Sony 50 MP - 44.0 x 33.0mm sensor at $9-10K?

If you had a choice between:

a 54MP - 36 mm × 24 mm sensor vs:

a 50MP – 44 mm x 33 mm sensor

I don’t see much of a market left for a D4x.

Maji wrote:

If you upsize the current 24MPx DX sensors, then you end up with around 54MPx on FX. So, presumably, Nikon may release a 54MPx FX sensor camera as its flagship. As for the resolving ability of top lenses, I think you should look at Roger Ciccala's blog at lensrentals.

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