m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

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Re: m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

yonsarh wrote:

I am in the market choosing a GX7 or A6000. Other than difference between sensor size which camera produce better image quality ?

With the same theoretical (or older larger format adapted) lens a6000 will have slightly better image quality. But if you are not adapting an old lens to both, they use different lenses, you cannot use m43 lenses on a6000, and m43 system is much better, with Sony not having equivalents/good competitors for many of them. So if you are going to use Oly 12mm/2, 60mm/2.8 macro, 75mm/1.8, 12-40/2.8, 75-300 (or 75-300 II), Pana 15/1.7, 25/1.4, 42.5/1.2, 45mm macro, 12-35/2.8, 35-100/2.8, 100-300 - your image quality if going to be better on GX7 simply because Sony does not have comparable lenses. OK, maybe the results with GX7 with 25/1.4 is not a whole lot different from a6000 with Zeiss Touit 32/1.8 for Sony mount (it is a "real" Zeiss, not Sony) except in price.

If you are going to just use kit zooms, Sony E 16-50PZ vs Pana 14-42PZ, it does not matter - the Pana lens is better wide open, but Sony has a little better sensor.

Sony has Zeiss-branded 16-70/4 though. The closest match in m43 is Olympus 12-50/3.5-6.3, which has very similar equivalent focal lengths, but is much darker on long end, so not nearly as good in low light. But is it like $300 in kit vs $1000. And of course the 12-50 is better bought with Oly OM-D cameras - for the discount, IBIS and weather-sealing.

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