Will the A7711 be mirorless

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Re: Don't get your hopes up yet.

123Mike wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

CDAF still seems to be used for the last (precision) stage of the AF chain too (besides the smallest apertures and extremely low light). Once PDAF works fully without the help of CDAF, it may happen.

But really though? Have you seen how fast the A6000 focuses? I doubt there is any back-and-forth homing in. In order for it to be *that* snappy, the focus has got to be just one decisive move to spot on!

But of course, if that is true, then why have any CDAF any all? I can't answer that.

Current stepper motors can oscillate extremely fast, just look at the current OM-D cameras which usually also don't show visible hunting for (more) static subjects despite relying on CDAF. The latter lack the capability to sense direction and directional changes anywhere near as fast as PDAF, which is a handicap for tracking. The A6000 can now do both.

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