D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: April fools?

Robert A F wrote:

The New Nikon Numbering System..........

FX--- D4xx---D6xx---D8xx begins with even numbers.

DX--- D3xxx---D5xxx---D7xxx---D9xxx begins with odd numbers.

Is there a need for four DX models?

There's a need for at least four DX models. In the consumer space, you will sell more and make more money if you hit a number of different price/performance/feature levels and if you're able to successfully help consumers walk upscale in your product line over time without having to throw all your lenses away. That's much harder to do if your price levels are far apart and if there are fewer models. Some would even argue that Nikon needs a D1xxx also to be able to pull more people into the brand on the low-end.  Furthermore, as a market matures and the pace of change in the underlying technology slows, a manufacturer will typically expand the product line to aim more appropriately at specific niches/segments in the market to continue to drive interest/demand. That should be the phase that dSLRs are in.

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