m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Re: His tour, his rules

MatsP wrote:

So what is the deal?

No matter how reasonable/stupid his rules are, they should have been clear to you in the first place.

This seems to be once again one of those "4/3 as good as dslr" rants in disguise.

Anyway, I hope you found another tour that does not impose that restriction on you.



Yes if it's just a tour the organiser is free to have whatever requirements he/she wants. I got the impression from the OP that these were restrictions for just visiting the area and that sounded ridiculous to me.

Do the Navajos really own the land, as a tribe, or nation? That's interesting, in my country the Same people don't own any land as a tribe (they can own land as any private person can do of course) but they have exclusive right to keep reindeers in the whole Sapmi area, which is the northern half of my country, whoever happen to own the land (the mountain areas are owned generally by the state, the forests mainly by big companies but also farmers). And all land is free for everybody to visit, pick berrys or mushrooms, put up a tent for a few nights as long as you keep away from private houses.. And you can take photographs.

You have to remember that your country basically grew up from the native peoples.  In the Americas we pretty much kicked them out.  The US created treaties with these groups that make the relationship a blend between a foreign government and some special status citizens.  A lot of the lands they have dominion over are traditional and sacred; although this is mainly true for western tribes like the Navajo who always lived in the area they now have for reservations.  Eastern tribes like the Cherokee were pushed into areas they never knew.

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