m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

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Re: m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

yonsarh wrote:

I am in the market choosing a GX7 or A6000. Other than difference between sensor size which camera produce better image quality ?

I had a similar choice a month ago. The A6000 wasn't on my radar then but it wouldn't have made a difference because a system is more than a single camera. IQ will be very similar, and one needs to take into consideration lens aperture for that as well. The gist of it is MFT has more and better lenses. They have very fast options, and the lenses have more reach per length due to a larger crop factor.

I know many claim Sony does fine because of all the lens adapters but not having IBIS kinda defeats the purpose a bit. I ended up buying a GX7 and i can take any adapted lens and shoot it at very slow SS in lowlight and get a usable result. Im not sure why sony omits IBIS on the cameras with such a thin lens selection. It would be different if you have no need for legacy glass, but that's not the case, one look at the NEX forums will tell you that.

The lenses alone were enough to seal the deal but MFT has many other advantages, depending on which brand you go with. Olympus has the best IBIS, nearly magical. Panasonic is AFAIK the only ILC you can buy with silent shutter (fully electronic shutter) which has many advantages, and they offer video that bests everything not a pro video cam. They both (A6k and GX7) have the basics like focus peaking and real time exposure, everything you expect from mirrorless. It was the extra stuff in MFT that made the difference, that and the lenses.

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