Will the A7711 be mirorless

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No, probably not a "false restriction".

VirtualMirage wrote:

havoc315 wrote:


The a6000 still can't fully AF a-mount lenses without a mirror based adapter.

So do you think that dedicated on sensor PDAF will never work with A-mount lenses and that a mirror has to be used with A-mount lenses?

Have you thought about that it may not be so much a limitation of the technology that is preventing it from working and more so a false restriction Sony has put in place so they can sell you more accessories or that the on sensor PDAF for the A6000 is optimized for the focusing motors used only in the E-mount lenses (which is different than screw drive and SSM)?

What do you think is so different between an on sensor PDAF and a dedicated PDAF sensor that a lens will only work on one of them?

The only difference between the two is one's light path doesn't get diverted and the other does. The one whose light path is diverted travels the same distance, it only takes an extra 90 degree turn.

PDAF is PDAF. Whether it be on sensor or a dedicated chip, the principle is the same. The lens doesn't cares if the path to the PDAF is straight or if it takes a turn by a mirror. The lens knows no difference.

Now the focusing mechanism by the lens (SSM, screw driven, SAM, etc.) can make a difference if it is not optimized for PDAF, hence why lenses designed for contrast AF don't perform that well on PDAF cameras and vice versa.

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If the A6000 didn't also rely on CDAF, you could have a point. But it's still a hybrid system that needs both to work. And for as long that is the case, it won't work well with A mount lenses (which have non CDAF optimized motors, gearing and chips).

Once precision/fine tuning in the last stage of AF is also covered with on sensor PDAF, then yes, A mount lenses could be supported (when profiled...) with OSPDAF.

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