My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: My dream camera...

Doss wrote:

1) A Large bright viewfinder. THE single most important feature on a camera as it is the part which your brain engages with to create the shot. No viewfinder has been made since the advent of digital which could compare to those on older manual focus models. A LBV = easier composition, less eye-strain, easier to see if focus is hit (without the backfocusing you suffer now, Jack Hass - and without the lens hunting, or without Aaron's needle-threading syndrome). I know of so many photographers who long for easy accurate manual focus that I'd bet the first FF to incorporate this will sell like hotcakes.

Yep.  And lenses with detailed distance and depth of field scales.  When I needed a new system to replace my unreliable Praktica gear, I chose Contax over brands like Nikon or Canon in large measure because of the superior scales on the Zeiss lenses (though even they were not as good as the scales on the older Schneider-Kreuznach lenses for my uncle's Exakta).

2) Removable/Interchangable viewfinder. This was a great feature of cameras like the Nikon F, great for macro-work, overhead or hip shooting.

Not something I would use, but I can see why some would like it.

3) Only 2 dials on the camera: 1 to control Shutter speed, the other to control ISO. Anything else is a distraction. The other two dials, aperture and focus, staying on the lens - This design is perfect for fast, intuitive control , firm grip and always being ready to hit the release. Simply put, it fits with the old adage: 'The best camera is the one which doesn't get in the way of taking photos'. Again - there's a large market for photographers who just want something simple that does the job. Call it a point & shoot if you will

If, as the OP desires, a camera is to have a built-in meter, I would add a control for selecting the metering pattern.  One could also make a case for leaving out the meter altogether and just using a handheld one, which I did for almost all my film cameras and three out of the five DSLR's I've owned.

I also wouldn't mind a DSLR that did not have fully interchangeable lenses.  A normal focal length lens is what I use almost all the time anyway, and no fixed lens digital camera I've owned has ever had a sensor dust problem.  Maybe a fixed lens but with interchangeable front elements would work well--my dream DSLR might look more like a Zeiss Contaflex than a Nikkormat FT2.

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