Question about these "Tough" cameras?

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Re: Question about these "Tough" cameras?

BobT wrote:

I'm more aware of these "tough" camera, those able to experience greater than average dunks in the water, lower temps., an occasional drop on the sidewalk, and other more stressful experiences, being offered by Olympus and Fuji, but others as well. So my question is this. Is the actual IQ output of this class of camera as good as their non-tough relatives? Or does their "toughness" come at a trade-off expense of better quality? I have seen little comparison dealing with this concern. And possibly being in the market for one of these, I was wondering if I will be experiencing a "quality image " compromise by purchasing one.


In good light the IQ is "relatively" the same as cameras costing the same amount of money in the "non-tough" class - with an additional caveat of the higher the price of the tough camera, the worst it is compared to its non-tough camera price equivalent.

From what I've found through my purchases of these cams - the more expensive models basically have the same IQ as the low end models but just add more features. I've owned the TS20, AW100, TG-2 and have used the Pentax WG-2 and 3 and I would recommend the cheapest one out of all of them far (the ts20 - or ts 25 now).

Also note, if your going into buying one of these looking at image quality first, you will probably be very disappointed. These are more like fun, go anywhere, no worries type of cameras.That said, the only photos I have on my wall are from the ts20.

Good luck.

Here is a couple from the TS20 - $120 USD - horrible IQ but for 120, maybe the best camera investment I ever made.

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