DF - low light focusing speed?

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Re: DF - low light focusing speed?

Felts wrote:

Coming recently from Fuji cameras, I am astounded there is ANY negativity surrounding the AF on the Df... Really! I'm not saying the D800 isn't better, but we surely have to be disecting pre-split hairs here.

And not even the X-Pro1 with FW 1.0 would take 10 or even 5 seconds to focus in the dark

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Hi, yes - being the Sony RX1 owner - I'm aware of what the slow focus in low light works like with mirrorless cameras The RX1's PQ is pretty phenomenal in low light, by the way - but I just don't want another camera that would be as slow to focus as my RX1 in low light, what's the point then.

Here's another Df auto focus observation - this one from Amazon, verified purchase:

"the focus at low light sucks, real bad. I wanted to do a high ISO group shots but couldn't because my camera couldn't focus. This being the strongest feature of NIXON is now a disappointment on the Df. The light was low, but not that low. I think not having an assistant light is the biggest mistake they made. MY SOLUTION: I programmed the fn button to "no flash" so I put on the flash on the camera, used the strobe's assistant focus (red light) and shoot while pressing the fn button to avoid actually triggering the flash when I shoot. Way to loose your vintage look"

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