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Re: DF - low light focusing speed?

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I was just wondering if the owners could share their experiences with how fast the Df can lock the focus in the low light situations - something that would require 1/100s shutter speed, 1.8 aperture and 6400-12800 ISO. I've found a couple of reviews today that claim it takes up to 10 seconds to lock focus, and sometimes it wouldn't lock at all. Would those who use the Df in low light agree or disagree? What are your personal findings in that regard?

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Have had zero issues in any light. As another poster mentioned, if there is no light or no contrast any camera will have an issue. To claim under any reasonable circumstance that the Df takes 10 seconds to lock focus in low light is BS.

Thank you for the response - glad to hear it.

As far as 10 seconds to lock focus, here's the review I'm referring to:

"I do have one gripe, though. I kept pushing the camera to tricky low light situations.. but the lower the light, the harder it was for the Df to focus. In almost all of the portraits, it took around 10 to 12 seconds for the camera to hunt and nail the focus.. it can be quite awkward for the stranger to look at the lens that long. On normal lighting situations, the camera usually gets the focus in a second, and I get all the frames I need well within 10."


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D700, RX100, RX1

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