New D5300 Body,

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New D5300 Body,

I just got a D5300 couple days ago (still own D5100).

I really like the body design of the 5XXX series (the FN button assigned to ISO is the best placed on ANY Nikon body IMHO, ditto D3XXX series). AWB functions good enough that I don't mind not having button for changing it. Incidentally there are TWO 'I' buttons that bring up the info screen (one 'I' & 'info'), one should have an option to assign another function like WB adjust, Auto ISO toggle, etc, a simple firmware update should provide that option but Nikon does not like listening.

The ISO performance up to 3200 is great (I have not went higher yet).
Above F5.6 you immediately notice the effects of diffraction, I won't be shooting higher than 5.6 with this body.
Everything in your workflow noticeably slows down due to huge file sizes, transfer, viewing, processing, etc.

The lens choices definitely has gaps (no 50-150 2.8 DX?!) but it also has gems (35 1.8, 10-24, 60 2.8, 85 1.8, 28-300 [very good performer for the range it provides]).

Overall I like the camera a lot, It's a very capable tool in a tiny & light package. I'll be using it for years to come. Another thing I REALLY like about these 'low end' Nikon bodies is the plastic and minimal rubber used in the body, so they actually last longer (my D700 has rubber peeling all over the place, my D40 was in PERFECT condition when I gave it away after 2 years of rigorous use).

But my D5100 is not retired at all, lower Megapixel cameras are way more versatile with Apertures above 5.6 and sufficient for most uses. In addition they are more forgiving with AF and file sizes are smaller.

I'm thinking that 24mp may be the ceiling for APS-C format.

BTW, I just realized how 'sharp' the 35 1.8 is, this lens is a classic.

Some center crops from a few test images:

35 1.8 @ f5.6 WOW! Check it out at 100%

105 2.8 VR

60 2.8 Manual Focus Hand Held

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