Will the A7711 be mirorless

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Re: Will the A7711 be mirorless

I had been a long time Nikon user having more than four cameras ( FE2, FM2, F100 and D90 ) and more than 12 lenses.

When I noticed I have problem with holding the cameras steady I swiched to Sony ( Although another reason I have been using an excellent Sony R1 and still use one of them and it is still my main cameras ) and bought a A850m set including more than 10 lenses.

I am more than enough happy with my A850 but I tried A99 and I will never ever buy a camera with SLT which means it's image quality will be somehow lower than another camera uses the same sensor.

The technology created an excellent opportunity to remove mirror box and reflex mirror. Tom Hogen said recently it is an opportunity to any manufacturer to produce a camera cheaper with less moving and less manually micro adjusted parts with much better image quality. And He said including Olympus any mafuctyere will manufacture FF mirrorles cameras by creating a chance to be used with any other lenses.

Me by myself I am happy with my A850 and waiting for Sony to produce mirrorles A mount body with IS .

Otherwise I just bought a Fujifm X-A-1 to be able to use my Nikkor lenses. It is fantastic. I have got the impression I have to think on keeping R1 incoming days..

There is an opportunity there. The first of April joke on dpreview page with Olympus OM-G is almost a real thing which we will see soon. It is up to Sony to use that opportunity or not.

I am just optimistic now. The camera manufacturers are in trouble and up to them to use that opportunity or not either..

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