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20 + 24-120?

You might also look at the 20mm f/2.8 D for your wide landscape lens until your ship comes in. 20 is no 15, of course, but it is enough to get a very wide perspective on things. While it doesn't match the center resolution of more modern designs like the 14-24, Zeiss 21 or the 17-35, it holds up across the frame to most of the wide lenses out there - all the zooms get pretty mushy out at the corners. It's pretty reasonable used at about half the price of the new 18-35, and doesn't have any of those modern high-tech failure modes like a focus motor or VR that can be worrisome buying used.

Just for resolution, this little sleeper matches the Zeiss 21 at the edges and corners at f/4 and f/5.6 per Photozone.de - a lot sharper than the new 18-35 at the outer edges of the field (though a zoom potentially does give you more resolution if you're going to zoom to frame and would crop from the prime to your desired field.) Tiny (compared to today's zooms) and takes 62mm filters to boot. I just got one for my D800 (waiting for an update to the 17-35) and have been quite happy having such a tidy little lens on that none-too-compact but very capable box. The lens does have a bit of wonky barrel distortion that requires a custom correction for the lens - not a more uniform simple distortion like some of Nikon's other optics. Less barrel than the zooms at their widest, but then most of them have a sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

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