Panasonic GF3 and 100-300 lens in St. Petersburg

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Re: Panasonic GF3 and 100-300 lens in St. Petersburg

Electriq wrote:

Thank you very much for detailed comments!

Dear Electriq, I wish I new your real name, and who you are.

I am a 65 yr young male of Russian stock and proud of it, my name is Sergei, can't get more Russian than that.

I regret my anonymous friend, that you have been served an ill service by well meaning, while somewhat patronising and totally ignorant remarks and advice, which will not serve you well in mastering the fundamental precepts of the art and craft of photography.

You cannot FIX ANYTHING IN POST creatively, only technically!

People who have grown up in the digital era have often no grounding and experience in the basic principles and fundamentals of image creation when they suggest ....

"negative critiquing peers you can see that they are skilled with the post process."


"you need to post process a little bit more."


" I wonder how these images would look in black and white, with much more or maybe much less contrast? "


"a little bit of competent PP goes a long way"

If it ain't there, it ain't there my friend!

You need to SEE a scene, previsualise, interpret, become light aware, learn the fundamentals of composition. Exposure and focus the camera is designed to do, but you should not rely on auto settings exclusively. Learn to read the light before you take the shot.

I have over 40 years experience shooting reversal film, that's when you had to get it right in camera, you couldn't fix it in Photoshop, skilled darkroom work gave you some leeway. And teaching the subject to high school students and adults for over 20 yrs triggers a knee jerk reaction, so excuse my frustration when I see bad practice being lauded and rewarded by ignorant advice.

So this obsession with fixing everything after the fact, is teaching you how to make a purse from a sows ear essentially. Don't fall for it. Learn how to get it right, prevention is better that cure.

And inspiration is inspiring to see

Ah, la dih dah, la dih dah, as Annie Hall would say.

Don't take my comments to heart, not directed at you as a person.

Good night

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