m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

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Re: m3/4 mirrorless vs sony mirrorless

I switched from a Sony NEX-5N to a GX7 late last year.  The larger sensor does give the NEX an edge in image quality but the cameras are close enough in that category you make your decision on other factors.

I am not familiar with the A6000 but my GX7 has a lot more physical controls that lets set the camera the way I want quickly and without having to stop and look at the LCD while searching through menus.  There are also more lenses available for the GX7, the lack of a decent long lens for NEX was a big factor in my switching to m43.  If you are going to stick with the kit lens initially the one on the GX7 is better than the one that came with my NEX-5N.

But if you are happy with the control layout of the A6000 and Sony has the lenses you want the A6000 is currently about $300 less expensive and has an edge (although not a large one) in image quality.

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