Panasonic GF3 and 100-300 lens in St. Petersburg

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Re: Panasonic GF3 and 100-300 lens in St. Petersburg

So - you need to be pretty thick skinned and determined to post pictures on this forum I applaud your bravery. On first look I dismissed these photos and moved on to read a couple of the comments then I came to take another look and decided that whilst visual impact is lacking there is some good stuff in here if you are prepared to try and master a few things. These photos of everyday city life have a different appeal to the brochure photos and there is obviously something here that appeals to you and potentially to others. Work out what it is and what you are trying to show your viewer and do that for each and every picture.

A couple of general points.....

White skies are a big  killer. Your skies in all of these photos are blown out but look like there is blue in here to recover. Like others have already said, a little bit of competent PP goes a long way. Buy a book or watch some videos on YouTube.

Secondly, composition. Hmmm - In general I'd say your views are too tight or not tight enough. If you are trying to show the scenes of everyday life then they are too tight. Step back the zoom a bit and give the viewer more context. If you are trying to show architectural detail then you need to frame more carefully and maybe even get closer. Make sure it's clear which of these two things you are doing for you and your viewer. And DONT chop of bits just to fit - zoom out, recompose or find an angle that works better. Practice by taking the same scene at different focal lengths to see what works best and try different angles. Framing is a skill like everything else and it needs to be learnt.There have been some comments about removing wires but frankly if they are part of the scene that you want to show me then I have no problem with them and in some of the pictures below they add a nice sense of reality. Watch out for them when they're out of focus or obviously dominate in the frame.

Here are some specific comments on each...

This one is not working at all. The chopped off buildings in the foreground make the picture look...chopped off. Maybe a portrait view would work better here. You might also try to lift some of the dark shadows.

This one would work well if you hadn't cut off the top of the building on the left hand side. The foreground of rooftops is good. This is an example where zooming a bit less might work better. The wires in this one are distracting but that's partly because they are out of focus. because they

Not too bad - a bit of PP which gives consideration to light and shadow would make the scene more appealing.

I like this except for the people at the front who are out of focus because they are too close to your lens Zoom out or zoom in but I'd try and get this one from a slightly higher angle if possible.

This one needs some better PP. Lift the shadows to show me the detail and do something about the sky. May work better as a portrait shot?

This scene is the one I like the best and has real potential but at the moment the road looks 'chopped' Get rid of that railing or wire that's out of focus at the top and bottom of the picture. If you are prepared to retake this then zoom out a little more - use the road to lead the eye, maybe placing it at an angle rather than coming straight out of the bottom of the frame. I like the way the highlights and sunbeams illuminate the scene.

This shot is too tight and you chopped off the top of her spear! The rooftops make a good contrast for this classical bit of sculpure - let us see a bit more of them. At the moment they are in the picture because you can't avoid them. Try using them creatively as part of the scene.

Good Luck!

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