Firefox colour management puzzle

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I think I found culprit in my case --->

Hi Bronx,

Let me just repeat what I just wrote in the other thread too:

It turns out that the Colour Navigator software that my Eizo uses for hardware calibration has a default setting "Reflect black level in tone curve". I manually created a new target to calibrate to without this setting.

The result: LR and PS are now dead on and the FireFox is really close too. Only a small difference there anymore.

As to why they would make this a default for the profile generation I have no idea... The manual only says that "When this check box is checked, the black level value is reflected to the tone curve for the profile." I have zero idea what this is supposed to do but apparently it wrecked the profile for me.

I owe huge thanks to Andrew Rodney and twenty_two in the Adobe forums for constructive suggestions.

I will be contacting Eizo about this issue. It will be interesting to hear their response. After all, they are hardly new at this so there has to (right?) be some logic to this but it just escapes me completely at this point.

...So, there are strange things going on in the profile world! I also got a slightly different response from Firefox when I set the profile policy to use gamma correction instead of LUT.

I could all be a tad easier methinks.


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